Elapromed a Novel Treatment for Neuropathic Pain

There are two types of pain

  1. Neuropathic pain …
    is pain associated with neurogenic inflammation.
  2. Nociceptive pain… 
    is pain not associated with neurogenic inflammation.

Neuropathic pain is that which is caused by a lesion or disease of the Somatosensory System. It is injury to the nerve tissue generating pain in the nerves themselves. The somatosensory systemis a complex system of sensory neurons and pathways that responds to changes at the surface or inside the body. This includes a group of nerves known as Nervi Nervorum. These are small fiber nerves innervating the epi-perineurium of nerve trunks. They belong to a specific system of peptidergic small fiber nerves, with dual sensing and endocrine function, making up 50% of all the nerves in the Somatosensory System.

Pain that is diffuse, travelling nerve pathways, resulting from injury or inflammation can be treated non-invasively via electroporation method.

Put simply electroporation therapy involves a topical application of medicine bound to an ion charge base solution. The micro-current the ElaProMed device utilizes draws the medicine into the structures being treated. In the case of nerve inflammation it is effective up to 7 cm deep.

Some of the typical pains this system will address are sciatica, neuralgia, arthritis, post surgical nerve impingement and chronic diffuse pain in general.