Why Do I Use Homeopathy & Bowen Therapy Together?

My first degree in alternative medicine was in Classical Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy became an addition to my work and I’ve now used both therapies together in my practice for 19 years. I focus on pain and chronic disease and most clients under my care receive treatment using both these therapies.

Pain and misalignment might be as a result of mechanical injury and strain, or as a result of a disease process. The conditions caused from disease, injury and strain should recover in a normal and timely manner. However, this is clearly not true and it is important to understand why recovery after well chosen therapy or medicine fails.

Importantly, our emotional reactions to the stresses of our life or the strain of managing our disease may also be a factor in the patterns of chronic symptoms. We all know that stress is a factor and a cause of many health concerns, from muscle tension to cardiovascular disease, though addressing this is not always acknowledged as being fundamental to fully recovering. The idea of long standing patterns of reaction coloured by our emotional past is not new and most therapies will acknowledge this idea. These patterns of emotional reaction underpin the body’s physical ability to recover from our chronic pains. I am not saying that emotional issues are the cause of maintaining illnesses but that commonly a pattern of emotional responsivity is a maintaining block to recovery.

An emotional behaviour that can interfere in our recovering from the body’s pain is seen where a pattern of reaction to the stress or traumatic experience has continued to affect our body’s self regulating and healing processes. Commonly, we see the body in a protective response of inflammation and guardedness. Examples of this can be seen in muscular pains, nerve impingement, even our urinary system and in many bowel complaints and in syndromes like migraine and chronic fatigue. We should suspect and explore the issues when our recovery is limited or not holding just as strongly as further diagnostic assessments such as further scans and blood tests.

This concept is proven when there is a resolution of the emotional cause and the body’s pattern of emotional response is freed, this is where homeopathy comes into use. Don’t mistake homeopathic treatment as a psychotherapeutic process it is not. It is a prescription of a medicine based on absolutes that when decided on properly rely on the clients physical symptoms, the nuanced characteristic of those symptoms, the pathology of the disease and only in small part their state of emotion and only that which is changed in their state of illness. We can often see the pattern of that emotional state exampled in other moments of stress throughout their life and this is very helpful in helping the client understand the underlying emotional connection to their current health situation.

An example of this is a client with chronic muscle pain, hot flashes, digestive issues and headaches heard about the clinic from a friend. She first came expecting to receive Bowen Therapy for her problems and it was the first treatment choice. After two sessions that certainly had some benefit, a break of a two weeks was provided, on returning their symptoms were relieved for only a few days in total though the overall intensity is markedly less. I suggested we consult for a homeopathic treatment option as well as a repetition of the Bowen Therapy treatment. Using information about the client’s physical symptoms and isolating usable the data to an argument for a homeopathic medicine or to argue against it. We call this repertorization which is the process of choosing a remedy through a database of symptoms. Not all symptoms are useful for differentiation of remedies so it is not the only tool used in prescribing. There are detailed symptom descriptions of homeopathic medicines that need to be read and confirmed to further cement a decision.

In this case the remedy given was Belladonna a plant based medicine used very commonly for childhood infections. Emotionally, they can’t express their need and not being able express a need leads to them expressing that need physically instead. A dose of the chosen medicine was taken to test the clients response, the response is evaluated before the medicine is repeated. The remedy chosen firstly covered the physical symptoms of the hot flashes, muscle pain, digestion and headaches. The remedy also had the similar emotional state of the client when feeling their worst now. Any connection to their emotional past is naturally mirrored in their emotional state now.

Importantly, the clients emotional state or pattern of emotional behaviour cannot be inferred from a past trauma or stress, it can only be seen for what it is now while unwell, so it is the expressed emotion only as it pertains to their behaviour now. Such as wanting solitude when the symptoms are bad or anxiety about their situation when they might need to perform for work. We look at what is the state of mind (emotion) not what it might be. It is never an assumed concept of their mental state. We look at the absolutes of their symptoms such as if their headache is better for a hot wrap or an ice pack.

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Homeopathy & Bowen Therapy

pillules-200x300Homeopathy and Bowen Therapy for the treatment of chronic disease and or injury are in my opinion tools that should be available to everyone. There are seldom cases where these won’t help.

Both these therapies are often misunderstood because they are poorly explained. After practicing for 20 years I have learned so much and I want to share that experience I have to help people manage their health concerns and enjoy life without the stresses of symptoms that aren’t managed by their available or current treatment options. I hope to open your eyes to a better understanding of these two remarkable systems of medicine.


Has been used for over two hundred and fifty years and has continued to survive as a medicine despite the natural scepticism it faces. It is hard for us to understand how medicines that are diluted can treat diseases when normally drugs are used in ever increasing strengths to treat the same symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is not a drug like Tylenol or Paxil, it is a stimulus to our own natural health and vitality. A drug forces its will on our body and a well chosen homeopathic medicine stimulates our body’s own ability to fight and manage disease and pathogens, to control pain and inflammation, to heal and repair as well as recover quickly. It simply turns on our body’s ability to react more strongly and changes the response from proactive and inflammatory to a proactive one where immune response is awakened and recuperation and recovery occur. Homeopaths use information from your own symptoms to decide on a medicine. A homeopath can work for many hours in that process because though there may be several medicines that might influence a positive change it is very important to choose a medicine that affects you on all levels. That is one reason homeopathy is not more popular because it takes time and effort to use effectively.


Bowen therapy

is similar in many ways to homeopathy and has been a staple of my practice since I learned it in 1999. It is a form of body work that you use for the same sorts of problems that you would use any other form of body.  It is unique only because it is so effective and quickly, most clients come to understand the benefit for their problems in 1 or 2 visits and this clear benefit guides both practitioner and patient on the benefits of further treatments. Like homeopathy a Bowen Therapy treatment stimulates our body’s reactive responses to injury, pain and disease. It’s like a switch that turns off the emergency responses in the body and switches on those of de-flammation and healing instead. Bowen Therapy is used ‘head to toe’ for all issues relating to pain and misalignment. What’s more it is both incredibly simple and wonderfully effective.

It treats conditions such as, back pain, scoliosis, tendonitis and arthritis. It is also used for treating a wide range of neurological syndromes like migraine, neuralgia, sciatica. It can also help functional symptoms like Asthma, GERD and IBS. The therapy is easy to receive in whatever condition you are in whether received lying on a treatment table or sitting in a chair the therapy can be given painlessl.

Below is a recent trailer from an interesting documentary that is an investigation all about homeopathy:

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