Bowen Therapy & Homeopathic Medicine – Why I Use Both

Bryonia alba

As a homeopath and Bowen therapist the most successful outcomes my clients have are when the blocks impeding their health or recovery are alleviated. Sometimes it’s a simple treatment or lifestyle change, other times it’s necessary to address their emotional state as we can hold an emotional reaction in our body even when the trigger has been resolved.  

Here’s an example that illustrates the above idea.

For a homeopath a clients emotional reactions, meaning the way we behave under stress, is often a mirror of how our body behaves under stress. It’s interesting how often we remain physically in a state of response even when the emotion has been resolved. A homeopath uses the manner of how we comport our stress reactions. It’s why I use both Bowen therapy for the physical restriction and commonly follow that with a homeopathic remedy. A well chosen Homeopathic remedy acts as a catalyst to switch off the emotional response held in the body.

Ms. N.R. who is 47 years old came to see me for a left sided frozen shoulder. Her pain is stitching in the tendons of the upper arm and she also has neuralgic pains under her scapula. Her pains are worse from every movement. It had come on with no apparent cause or injury and normal treatment had not resolved or changed it in over 6 months.  She reports that it is getting worse and there is more pain on movements of her left forearm and now even the opposite shoulder is beginning to feel sore too. She also complained of sleeplessness which was unusual for her though she is confident her shoulder is not the cause of her waking through the night. 

The treatment I give her begins with two Bowen therapy sessions one week apart. At a third consult two weeks later she has certainly turned a corner, but we are both concerned that the progress could be better. So, I offer a homeopathic remedy in addition to another Bowen therapy session. The following week she reports that the shoulder is much better and she’s slept soundly all week too! In fact, she has full range of motion and is only a little sore after exertion.  

I cannot state with 100 percent certainty that the homeopathic remedy was a part of her excellent recovery, I can say that the remedy was given both for its affinity for the nuanced physical symptoms of her shoulder problem and her stress response. It was also prescribed for the state of mind she was in since the outset of her problem. The stressful life situation was her business that was struggling due to a conflict with a long time employee. She felt torn over how to handle it. Her spouse had said she was highly irrational about the situation though to her it was very distressing. 

Essentially, her emotional state was held in her shoulder and also her perhaps her sleeplessness was another symptom. Even though the situation had been resolved the emotion was, in a sense, stuck in her body’s reaction to the stressful work situation. The remedy prescribed was Bryonia alba (pictured above). So, if there’s any long standing chronic health issue that seems to linger longer than expected and has not responded to well prescribed treatments I am always very keen to offer a Homeopathic remedy. I hope my telling you about Homeopathy as a tool to not just palliate symptoms but to free our body’s vitality and our own ability to recover from a state of stuckness is useful to you. 

Bryonia alba is known to be a wonderful rheumatic remedy and is often prescribed when there are work related issues causing emotional stress.

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