How to Take a Homeopathic Remedy

Simplified instructions for taking & repeating Homeopathic remedies

Usually a remedy is bought in a granule format. Made of sucrose the sugar granule is a carrier for the actual medicine that impregnates into the sugar. The potency (strength) is not as important as the chosen remedy, do not worry about the available strength, any will do. All homeopathic remedies are safe as they are highly diluted and I am going to tell you how to take the remedy safely with these simple rules.

  1. Take only 1 granule at a time (ignore instructions on packaging).
  2. Dissolve the granule in your mouth a few minutes away from eating or drinking.
  3. To fully test the effectiveness of a remedy in an acute infection, I suggest taking only 2 doses 1 hour apart.
  4. Do not repeat without evaluating the effect of the remedy taken prior. If you are clear it helped and you’re symptoms that it helped return, repeat.
  5. Good responses after a remedy can include:
    1. Slight aggravation lasting no more than an hour
    2. Sleeping
    3. Symptoms improving
  6. Bad responses after a remedy can include:
    1. Aggravation lasting longer than an hour
    2. Agitation, spiking fever and delirium
    3. Worsening of your symptoms such as developing cough
    4. If concerned stop the remedy and seek advice or choose a new remedy based on the newer symptoms
  7. When purchasing a remedy please use either 30 CH or 200 CH as these tend to be common.
  8. If the remedy was working and stops you can always add a granule to a glass of water, stir vigorously and take 1 tsp. Repeat in this manner if that method worked and you need to repeat.
  9. When in doubt, wait. The symptoms you have are what define what to do, you just have to pay attention.

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