Homeopathic Travel Remedies



For sudden onset of high fever, accompanied by a state of nervousness and anxiety.  Fear of flying.

  • Location and Nature. – Circulation and bodily temperature and nervous system inducing a feverish, nervous restlessness, generally high temperature, also shivering chilliness.
  • Objective. – Red, hot, shining swelling of skin; miliary rash; pulse, strong full, hard, over 100; burning, unquenchable thirst; dry, hoarse loud enough; dry, hot skin, rarely moist; anxious, vivid dreams, waking with a start.
  • Causation. – Dry cold; fear, with indignation; anger; fright; chagrin; suppressed perspiration.
  • General Characteristic. – Agonized tossing about; feverish nervous restlessness; fear of death; great anxiety of mind, or timidity.
  • Aggravation. – Evening and night; warm room.
  • Amelioration. – Open air.


For high fever, sudden onset, red flushed face, confused state.  Sunstroke.

  • Location and Nature. – (illusions, hallucinations, mania, stupor, insomnia; senses intensely acute; throbbing headache; convulsions, iris dilated); (skin intensely red, hot, smooth, shining); (hard, full, bounding pulse; throbbing carotids; red face; high temperature).
  • Objective. – Eyes protruding, sparkling, staring look; tongue dry, hot, red, cracked white center with red edges; retention of urine; voice husky and hoarse, dry, spasmodic cough; convulsions; high fever;
  • General Characteristic. – Pains come and go suddenly; over – excitability of all senses; sudden appearance and disappearance of symptoms;
  • Aggravation. After 3 PM and again after midnight.
  • Amelioration. – Wrapped up in a warm room. Resting head.


  • Location and Nature. – Conjunctiva and respiratory mucous membrane, causing marked irritation like acute catarrh (copious watery acrid discharge from nose and eyes, with constant sneezing, especially on coming into warm room; hacking cough from inhaling cold air; violent catarrhal laryngitis; the hoarse cough seems to split and tear the larynx);
  • Objective. – Excessive lachrymation with redness of eyeball; copious acrid coryza; constant sneezing; hacking cough; catarrhal hoarseness;
  • Aggravation. – Evening and warm room;
  • Amelioration. – Open air;


For bug bites that cause redness,swelling, stinging or burning pain that are better cold applications.

  • Location and Nature. – Swelling of both skin and mucous membranes; eruption on skin like urticaria (with stinging, burning pain); mucous membranes, irritation and mild inflammation (burning and stinging pain).
  • Objective. – Urticaria like bee stings, or stings from other insects, with intolerable itching at night; nettle rash; large, elevated, white wales; carbuncles with burning stinging pains; eyelids much swollen, red; swelling of face; ulcers on tonsils and palate, breathing and swallowing difficult; legs and feet waxy pale and oedematous; skin unusually white, almost transparent; urine scanty, milky.
  • General Characteristic. – Burning stinging pains like bee stings occurring occasionally; sopor interrupted by piercing shrieks; great desire to sleep, extreme sleepiness;
  • Aggravation. – Warmth.
  • Amelioration. – Cold water.


For injuries; post-surgery; shock of accidents, even when no apparent injury.

  • Location and Nature. – Muscular and cellular tissues and tendons, causing conditions similar to results of injuries. A bruised, sore feeling in affected part.
  • Causal. – Mechanical trauma, injuries, blows, falls, strains, contusions.
  • General Characteristic. – Bruised, sore, wants to lie down, but bed too hard; wishes not to be attended to.
  • Aggravation. – Rest.
  • Amelioration. – Gentle motion.


For food poisoning, persistent diarrhea with weakness and chills, plus nausea and/or vomiting.

  • Nature. – Great anxiety in mental or physical sphere.
  • Objective. – Face pale, expressive of agony; evacuations excoriate anus; rapid emaciation; great dyspnoea, asthmatic; pulse quick, weak, small, and irregular; parchment – like dryness of skin; convulsions.
  • Causal. – Poisoning by decayed or morbid food and water.
  • General Characteristic. – Great fear and anguish; nervous restlessness; sudden sinking of strength; pains, burning (especially in inner organs) faint, anxious and weak early in morning.
  • Aggravation. – Night, especially after midnight; cold drinks; cold in general;
  • Amelioration. – Warmth; lying with head high; fresh air to head.


Pains.  Any pain that is worse for the slightest motion.  Appendicitis

  • Location and Nature. – Irritated lungs, (sharp, stitching pains; dry concussive cough; cannot bear to move nor take a deep breath); muscles and joints, rheumatic inflammation (sharp stitching pains); digestive (pressure in stomach after eating, as from a stone; desire for large quantities of water).
  • Objective. – Slight jaundice; rash over whole body; tongue, thickly coated white; great dryness of mouth, lips and tongue; large, hard, dry stool; urine dark colored; joints red, swollen and stiff; red.
  • Causal. – Warm weather after cold days; sour bread and beer; exposure to heat of fire.
  • General Characteristic. – Inclined to anger; nausea on sitting up; strength seems to disappear on making least exertion; frontal pressive headache and more severely in occiput.
  • Aggravation. – Motion; warm room.
  • Amelioration. – Rest; cool air.


For cystitis, bladder infections, burns and sunburns. Jelly fish stings

  • Location and Nature. – Mucous membranes, especially of urinary tract, causing violent (constant urging to urinate, violent cutting, burning in bladder, at neck of bladder, and in urethra, before, during and after urination); skin (burns of any type).
  • General Characteristic. – Anxious restlessness, rage; furious almost frenzied delirium; convulsions, with over sensitiveness of all parts;


Indigestion, gas, heartburn, faintness.

  • Objective. – Violent, almost constant eructations; abdomen greatly distended with gas, relieved by passing gas up or down; much offensive flatus; pulse intermittent, thready; lies as if dead; cold surface, especially below knees to feet; cold sweat in face; breath cool;
  • Causal. – Putrid meat or fish or rancid fats; exhausting diseases.
  • General Characteristic. – Vital forces nearly exhausted; contractive cramp extending into chest, with distention of abdomen.
  • Aggravation. – Warm, damp weather; at noon.


Temperemental children.  Teething children; nervous, excitable persons. Very sensitive to PAIN.

  • 1. Location and Nature. – Irritable, impatient mood; peevish, whining restlessness; slight pain intolerable.
  • 2. Objective. – One cheek red, the other pale; child wants things, but refuses when offered them; sour vomiting; lips crack and peel; dry or wheezing, rattling cough; green watery, hot stool, smelling like rotten eggs; child makes itself stiff and bends backwards;
  • 3. Causal. – Anger; teething.
  • 4. General Characteristic. – Excessive sensitiveness to pain; irritable, peevish; child cries, quiet only when carried.
  • 5. Aggravation. – Anger; lying down.
  • 6. Amelioration. – Motion.


Jet-lag and motion sickness

  • Objective. – Dizziness and confusion unusual nausea and inclination to vomit while driving, flying or sailing     3. Objective. – Great distention of abdomen;
  • Causal. – Motion of carriage, swing, or ship.
  • Aggravation. – Any exertion; after sleep; cold air.


Pinkeye, conjunctivitis.

Inflammation particularly of the eye and lids, catarrhal, mucus, which obscures vision, causing frequent closing and pressing of eyelids together; redness, burning and swelling of margins of lids; burning biting tearing.

  • Objective. – Redness and swelling of margins of eyelids; profuse lachrymation, and coryza and hawking of mucus; frequent blinking, shutting eyelids tight together.
  • Aggravation. – Evening; in – doors;.
  • Amelioration. – Out – doors; after eating.


Number 1 remedy for sunstroke

  • Flush, congestion, surging of blood (to head).
  • Bursting headache, throbbing: worse jar, heat, sun, motion.
  • During headache wants pressure – holds head.
  • Headache better bending head backwards.
  • Averse hats (anything on head).
  • Glowing red face.
  • Burning between shoulders.
  • Sunstroke.


Injuries to nerves; pain of nerves; shooting pains, extending pains.

  • Fingers in car door, stubbed toe, cracked tooth and inuries to spine.


Nausea and vomiting, there is no amelioration and often a general aggravation from vomiting.

  • asthma (or asthmatic bronchitis).


Puncture wounds, splinters, thorns, scrapes to bare feet


Indigestion from overeating/drinking, irritability, chilliness, constipation. Overly sensitive to: cold, noise.


Sprains, stiffness from walking.  Muscle and joint pains are better moving.

  • Skin rash, red itching better for bathing in hot water.

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