What are the ‘blocks’ to your health?

For example, the migraines of a recent client were triggered by weather, stress and hormones but these were just triggers not the cause. The cause was a congestion that is was related to jaw tension ever since childhood braces. The release of the tension relieved the pressure on the nerves behind the jaw and thereby relieved a block or a point of congestion that was made worse by the normal congestive triggers.

For the sake of logic let’s assume that these so called blocks to health are commonly defined with a diagnostic label, a disease, pathogen or a syndrome. Essentially, defining them is all true and can offer many treatment choices based on a definition label. However, if the block to your recovery has not been removed we are just managing your symptoms.

At the Be Well Now Centre we look at the above defined conditions as useful to manage the course of disease but we go a step further and examine the nuanced characteristics of the symptoms expressed by a disease as the definition of the manner in which your health is blocked. By prescribing medicine or treatment appropriate to changing the way the body is dealing with the condition, its symptoms, we help remove the blocks in the way of one’s health. Freeing the body to more appropriately manage the underlying problems.