May 12, 2021

I had a hormonal problem that caused my period to be permanent, very painful (couldn’t even sleep), extremely abundant and full of clots. This had been going on a year and a half. I tried regular medicine, and natural medicine with no improvement. I tried homeopathic remedies but they didn’t help much (several bottles, and taking drops every 2 hours, per months). Now, I am completely better with normal cycle and normal blood.

I 100% recommend Jonathan for any health problem, he’s professional, efficient, focused on details, and accurate. Jonathan is now our whole family’s doctor, and we are recommending him to all our friends

May 12, 2021

I decided to make an appointment with Jonathan at Be Well Now because I was dealing with inflammation as well as digestive issues that were not changing using traditional methods.  I was waking up in the morning with inflammation in my hands, knees and ankles and on top of that I was experiencing IBS that was uncomfortable and making it difficult to function daily.  

Prior to the Be Well Now centre moving to Salt Spring I had been treated by Jonathan face-to-face using a combination of Bowen Technique and Homeopathy with great results.  I was unsure about doing homeopathy over the phone but because I was struggling so much with these issues I decided to give it a try.  

At the first appointment we went over my symptoms and talked about what kinds of things I was currently doing and some things I had done in the past.  We set a plan for how to proceed and set a follow up.  I also wanted to discuss how I could support my immune system prior to getting a vaccine.

I left this appointment, which was done over the phone, feeling positive and like we had a solid plan for moving forward, we also came up with a plan for building my immunity up prior to getting my vaccine. 

It has been a few weeks now and I have had some amazing results, the inflammation is about 80% better and the IBS symptoms are significantly better everyday.  

I would highly recommend having a phone or facetime appointment for homeopathy I was able to talk to Jonathan from the comfort of my home office and found it as effective as any in-person appointment I have had. 

May 12, 2021

Jonathan Damonte has been my personal homeopath for more years than I can remember. Most of our consultations have been over the phone due to geographical distance. I live in Ontario, Jonathon resides in British Columbia.

Jonathan has been through all my major and minor pathologies, including:

 A burst bowel, with 2 hours to live, Jonathan was prescribing the correct remedies to my husband who had to sneak up the stairs to my hospital room to dispense to me. This involved extensive and supportive follow ups

 Hemochromatosis, over production of iron in the liver, the urologist was insisting on a liver transplant. I had ‘until he found me a liver’ to reverse the very escalated numbers. Within 20 minutes of prescribing the correct remedy I was on my way to recovery. This involved extensive and supportive follow ups.

 Burst aneurysm in the brain, with Jonathan’s assistance, the doctors declared that I was a miracle patient as the size and shape of the aneurysm there was no way I should have lived. My recover y involved extensive and supportive follow ups

All of this over the phone.

Jonathan has always been very available to me over the phone, through the day and into the evening.

Jonathan is a very committed to patient care, a well educated and experienced Homeopath. 

I am very blessed to have him as my main care giver for my health.

Lisa Rice, Classical Homeopath, RNC, Bowen Therapist 

August 21, 2020

Jonathan 2 months ago I went to Costco and I had to support myself with cart I was pushing I got 3 cases of bottled water for my cousin and it was such an ordeal to lift it from the cart to the trunk of the car, I was panting and had to rest. Today I picked up water again and not only was I able to lift it to the trunk of the car but when I got to my cousin’s home I was able to walk up the stairs with the water. I’m still not all there but the improvement is phenomenal. I’m still taking the Sulphur like you suggested 2 every 4th day.

May 21, 2020

I was introduced to homeopathy through my animals long ago by a wonderful vet in Belgium.  The remedies are amazing as they deal with the whole body, not just symptoms and are non toxic, just nature.  Once we moved back to Canada, I felt I needed help balancing a few things and reached out to Jonathan at BeWell for homeopathic guidance.

Jonathan is lovely to work with as he is kind, patient and always responds when you have questions.  Slowly my body is recalibrating, it is all about allowing the body to re-balance, watching, waiting, and supporting the healing journey.  I know I am in good hands, and highly recommend his services.  

May 1, 2020

Homeopathy helped me immediately! I had amazing results in that my palpitations and anxiety were relieved very quickly after taking the medicine and I improved steadily over the following month. 

Jonathan is very knowledgeable and reassuring homeopathic doctor. Not only were his suggestions effective, his way of coaching me was very reassuring and comforting. He gave me confidence and a feeling of security. Even though there was a distance issue, the remedies came quickly and the sessions were completed in a timely fashion. I can’t thank you enough, Jonathan, for all your help! 

April 30, 2020

I believe the body can heal itself with homeopathic guidance. It makes sense to me.  Jonathan has recommended a number of remedies and suggestions that have helped me tremendously. His approach of homeopathic medicine compared to western medicine feels better and has been much more successful in both the short and long term. Jonathan is interested, reassuring and valuable,  I would recommend Jonathan 100%. 

December 20, 2018

My most challenging problem is arthritis in both knees, worse in the left knee.  I wear an ‘Unloader’ knee brace on my left knee and an elastic brace on my right knee. The pain eventually sapped my energy and it started to affect my mood.

After the treatment the pain diminished tremendously. I felt a lift in my spirit and in my energy.  The change gave me confidence to move around without the fear of the pain thus I felt more free.  I walk with my body being straight, more balanced and with a better gait.  Limping is pretty much gone.  I don’t need to wear the Unloader knee brace as much in the house.  I started taking an Osteofit class at a Recreation Centre and I do all the exercises and feel good with my progress.

I would say give yourself an opportunity to heal by trying the Bowen therapy with Jonathan Damonte. I tried it and it worked wonders for me.  I don’t really know how the Bowen therapy works but from experience I can say that true healing is happening and I am feeling much better in many ways specially walking with a feeling of freedom.

March 27, 2018

I had been experiencing 24-hr-a-day headaches for about a year and a half. Most were mild and many were severe.  My headaches were diagnosed as migraines after an MRI and confirmed by a neurologist.  I pursued various strategies – local injections, acupuncture, numerous medications – all to little avail.

Although I was able to function for the most part, I was aware of the pain every minute of the day and so was unable to enjoy a normal life.  Our family GP was diligent, supportive, and did everything possible to help, including multiple referrals to specialists. Still, the constant search for relief and the many trips to doctors’ offices was time consuming, taxing, and demoralizing.

I felt immediate relief after my very first session and have not had a migraine recurrence in over a month.  I no longer take any medications for pain relief. Having been on one form of drug or another for such a long period of time, this benefit is of particular importance to me.

I was initially concerned with headaches but have benefited in other ways as well.  Care was taken to assess and consider the overall health issues that might have been impacted by my childhood polio and the resultant imbalance to the right side of my body.  The four Bowen treatments I have had to date have not only given me migraine relief but have addressed sciatic pain and shoulder/neck pain as well.

I would definitely recommend giving this treatment method a try.  The manipulations are very gentle, and in my case, the pain relief immediate.  As a treatment option, it is no more expensive that other methods, including prescription drugs, and with no side-effects.

I appreciated that the underlying issues that may have contributed to the headaches were considered first, as opposed to treating the symptoms only.  I never felt forced to take more treatments – quite the opposite in fact.

LD – Salt Spring Island

August 6, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that the homeopathic remedy, along with your treatment, worked wonders to curbing my anxiety, and though the affects weren’t immediate, the swelling in my jaw and my overall calmness improved within a week from our session. Taking the homeopathic remedy every week/two weeks, along with maintaining a healthy(er) diet and exercise regime has managed to keep me definitely afloat, and away from filling my prescription for anti-depressants!

Thank you a million times! R.G.

August 6, 2016

My husband complained of back pain for a number of years before he found the fix he was looking for in Bowen.  My spouse was not the only person I had heard praising the therapy for back problems, but I did not know until I tried it for myself that Bowen is also very effective for knee pain.

I suffered an injury to my right knee playing tennis last year, and assumed that the pain would go away as my body healed itself.  I was wrong; the pain lingered for months, and showed no signs of going away.  I live in Abu Dhabi and we do not have Bowen here, so I tried acupuncture, which briefly helped but then the discomfort returned.

When we went back to Vancouver for holidays, I made an appointment for a set of three Bowen sessions.  After the first visit, the pain was gone.  After the second, I was told that I did not need the third session at all, but was welcome to pass it on to my husband as a maintenance visit for his back.

More than six months later, my right knee is still a happy piece of my anatomy.  I am a Bowen Believer.

Julie Ross, Abu Dhabi

August 6, 2016

After three months, I could walk around a mall,” says Carde, a coordinator in the digital art department of the British Columbia Institute of Technology. “It makes me cry to think of it now. I had no faith but as I got better, I thought ‘holy crap, this is working!’ I’m feeling about 80 per cent to what I was before.

August 6, 2016

D.P. Aged 67 – Returned to the clinic after her initial 2 Bowen Therapy treatments 6 months earlier. It took a little time to remember her original condition and thankfully I had made good notes. She reported that since the first 2 treatments she had not returned to her chiropractor just as I had predicted to her. Her original scoliosis had completely disappeared for 6 months and she had just started to relapse and was in for a tune-up.

August 6, 2016

My arm is fantastic, slept through the night for the first time since the accident after our session yesterday! I recommend you to everyone who is showing any signs of pain;) Anyways thanks for your magic hands!

I came to Jonathan 2 weeks after I severely dislocated my shoulder in an accident and had to wait more then 8 hours to have it relocated! there was major muscle damage and it was almost completely immobile when I arrived at his office. Jonathan was very accommodating and gentle with my extremely fragile shoulder while treating me. Within three days of my initial session I was back driving my stick shift car! It was remarkable how fast I was improving, it felt like every hour there was a noticeable change! By my next session a week later my arm was functioning at 60%! Almost immediately after my second session the mobility jumped to 75% and steadily improving! I have a very active lifestyle and was dreading being out of the game for many months, as my doctors predicted, and thanks to Jonathan I am back at the barn and my shoulder is feeling great! I am a believer in Bowen therapy, The results speak for themselves!

August 6, 2016

About once a year for the last 5 years I’ve had vertigo attacks. My family doctor said, it’s like lower back pain in that its prevalent and we don’t have a cure. I have tried acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and other alternate therapies and some have helped but the vertigo still lingered on in a milder form for weeks and months. Then last month, it hit me again and for a couple of days it was all I could do to sip water and fumble my way to the bathroom once in a while. I sought help from Jonathan and the Bowen Therapy for the first time. I felt some relief immediately after my first session and after 3 sessions with Jonathan, the vertigo was completely gone. I’ve now had a several months free of the slightest tinge of vertigo and, as well, I feel wonderful.” Thanks Jonathan!

Gwenda Ellwood

August 6, 2016

My knee is feeling much better–I’m frankly amazed at how well Bowen works (and your skill probably has a lot to do with it also) for the effort required to administer the therapy–Bowen must rank as the most energy efficient therapeutic modality in the world. In past therapeutic sessions for this same problem, I’ve been yanked, cranked, cracked and poked without nearly the same results–very impressive.”

Andrew Munaweera

August 6, 2016

It’s fantastic!!! Since the beginning of December, 1 1/2 years ago, I had developed chronic pain in my left arm that’s remained so excruciating I couldn’t think striahgt and nor could I sleep. It was diagnosed as arthritis, I’d been to chiropractor, physiotherpist and massaeur. Nothing helped. After the first Bowen Therapy visit it feltworse till the next morning where I felt nothing at all and I’ve been 100% since.”
M. Coulson age 84

August 6, 2016

After 20 years of visiting my chiropractor, I was at my wit’s end.
After 3 Bowen treatments, my chronic back pain is completely gone…”
Fay Gordon, Financial Advisor