Homeopathy for Flu’s

Treat Colds & Flu with Homeopathic Medicine

Given our annual concerns about the flu we’re bombarded by news and heightened alerts of the next worst strain to come. Worse, we’re almost certainly going to be exposed to a virus, even with immunizations that have their own risks attached, there’s a real risk of succumbing to the seasonal flu strain. Don’t fear it learn some new ways to deal with it. This article will teach you about using homeopathy for the flu.

Homeopathic medicine is well established as a treatment choice that can be utilized without much cost or effort and you really need to know the “ins and outs” of how to treat your own flu.

Treating flu’s and colds is an important aspect for any homeopath, I have treated these since 1996, it’s an vitally important part of my work to care for those struck down with the flu. I’m going to share with you how I use the most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies for flu treatment below.

During flu outbreaks calls come with requests for an appropriate flu treatment, the treatments I offer are most often one of a few commonly available homeopathic remedies. These are readily available in most health stores and pharmacies that carry homeopathy. After the prescription and first dose/s it’s essential to follow the response from the remedy. Feedback is given via text, email or a phone call or two till they are back on track. During that time a change of the remedy or dosage is needed or needs to be tweaked as symptoms progress through the stages of recovery. It can mean the difference from being stuck with the flu for a week or more, or getting better in a day or two. This article is intended to provide you the tools to treat you flu with an appropriately chosen homeopathic remedy.


First, what is a homeopathic Remedy?

It is a medicine made from a natural substance that if you ingested a large amount of would cause you to have symptoms of a particular nature. Such as, if you drink too much coffee you become, edgy, irritable, sleepless, sore stomach and dehydrated skin. We’ll choose a remedy for your flu based on the symptoms you exhibit and the symptoms of the remedy will be the closest match we can find. It’s as if we’re going to take a dose of the same problem we already have. If the remedy affects you it is going to promote your body’s vitality to respond more strongly to the symptoms you have and get healthier faster. The homeopathic remedy is like an immunization to the specific problem we have.

Does it matter if it’s the flu or a cold?

No, the symptoms are the main concern and whether the symptoms are caused by a virus. Of course, in the diagnosing of the symptoms you have to consider the wisest choice which is to consult a professionals opinion whenever you are uncertain about your health.

Simple measures for prevention during a flu epidemic include:

  • Hand washing, care to not touch eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol.
  • Rest and relax to recuperate fully each day.

Influenzinum 200 CH is a homeopathic form of the Spanish Flu from 1918 and though not a vaccine nor used as such it can be taken daily during a flu epidemic. For immune compromised patients that cannot tolerate a vaccine I recommend to take it through the flu season every 2 weeks and if you are getting the first signs of flu such as, dizzy head, frontal headache, weakness on exertion or loose stool. Take it every few hours for a few doses. If there is no amelioration from the flu symptoms a more specific remedy can be chosen, there are a list of common flu remedies listed below. 

Oscillococcinum™ is an ‘over the counter’ flu remedy available at most pharmacies and you can take it as above for the prevention of the symptoms. It is not as strong as Influenzinum 200 and so if the flu gets a hold of you look below for the flu remedy you need.

How to take a homeopathic remedy

Usually a remedy is bought in a granule format. Made of sucrose the sugar granule is a carrier for the actual medicine that impregnates into the sugar. The potency (strength) is not as important as the chosen remedy, do not worry about the available strength, any will do. All homeopathic remedies are safe as they are highly diluted and I am going to tell you how to take the remedy safely with these simple rules.

  1. Take only 1 granule at a time (ignore instructions on packaging).
  2. Dissolve the granule in your mouth a few minutes away from eating or drinking.
  3. To test the effectiveness of a remedy, I suggest taking only 3 doses 1 hour apart.
  4. Do not repeat without evaluating the effect of the remedy taken prior. If you are clear it helped and you’re symptoms that it helped return, repeat.
  5. Good responses after a remedy can include:
    1. Slight aggravation lasting no more than an hour
    2. Sleeping
    3. Symptoms improving
  6. Bad responses after a remedy can include:
    1. Aggravation lasting longer than an hour
    2. Agitation, spiking fever and delirium
    3. Worsening of your symptoms such as developing cough
    4. If concerned stop the remedy and seek advice or choose a new remedy based on the newer symptoms
  7. When purchasing a remedy please use either 30 CH or 200 CH as these tend to be common. – If the remedy was working and stops you can always add a granule to a glass of water, stir vigorously and take 1 tsp. Repeat in this manner if that method worked and you need to repeat.
  8. When in doubt, wait. The symptoms you have are what define what to do, you just have to pay attention.

The Most Common Homeopathic Flu Treatment Remedies


Allium cepa – Early and mid stages with RUNNY NOSE

Profuse catarrhal cold, the nose runs continuously, sneezing, irritated chest leading to cough, swollen face.

AGGRAVATION: In the evening, in a warm room.

AMELIORATION: In the open air, in a cold room

Arsenicum album – All stages with ANXIETY

Restless, anxious and insecure with burning dryness and copious watery irritating secretion and the involvement of the conjunctiva are unmistakable indications. Thirsty for sips.

AGGRAVATION: Periodically at night, after midnight (from 1:00 to 2:00 AM), on entering a cold place, from cold food or drinks, from rapid walking, from the use of milk, from cold, and when lying on the affected side, with the head low.

AMELIORATION: From external heat, when moving about, from warmth, from hot drinks, and from hot food.’

Baptisia tinctora – Early Stages with DIARRHEA

Flu that strikes the digestive system first, especially with offensive diarrhea.

AGGRAVATION: From mental exertion, from swallowing solids, in a dosed room, and during deep.

AMELIORATION: From drinking liquids, in the open air, and from motion.




Bryonia alba – Mid stages with BRONCHIAL Symptoms

When a person is very grumpy and feels miserable with the flu, wanting only to lie still and be left alone, this remedy is most useful. Headache, muscles ache, deep productive painful cough. Everything feels worse from even the slightest motion. Dry with a thirst for long cold drinks.

AGGRAVATION: At 9:00 PM, by motion, from moving the affected parts, during inspiration, while lying on the painless side, from touch, from warmth, and during summer.

AMELIORATION: While exhaling, while lying on the painful side, by tightly bandaging the affected parts, from pressure, during rest, and from taking cold things.


Causticum – Mid & Late stages with COUGH

This remedy like both Rhus-tox and Eupatorium it has tired, sore, bruised sensation all over the body pains. Loss of voice and soreness in the chest with coughing. Involuntary urination while coughing.

AGGRAVATION: In the evening, in the open air, after drinking coffee, while perspiring, in clear, fine weather, during new moon, from getting wet or bathing, and from coming from the open air into a warm room.

AMELIORATION: From warmth, in damp, wet weather.



Eupatorium perfoliatum – Early Stages with BODY ACHES

This remedy also has soreness and aching of the entire body, hoarseness and cough, with soreness of the larynx and upper respiratory tract. Phlegmy and thirsty. Bone breaking pains are characteristic of the remedy which is good in the early stages of the flu.


AMELIORATION: Conversation


Gelsemium semperivens – Early Stage with WEAKNESS

This remedy corresponds to the onset, patient is weak, tired and aches throughout the body. Great apathy. Constant chilliness. Paroxysms of sneezing. It usually relieves the intense aching and muscle soreness.

AGGRAVATION: In damp weather, before a thunderstorm, from emotion or excitement, from bed news, from smoking.

AMELIORATION: From profuse urination, from remaining quiet.


Ipecac – Late stages with MUCOUS

Nausea & vomiting of mucus in large quantities, without relief. Dry spasmodic cough, constricted, asthmatic. Wheezing and anxiety about the stomach. Cough with rattling of mucus in chest when inspiring.

AGGRAVATION: From motion, in winter and dry weather, in warm moist, south winds, from the slightest motion, from stooping, and from over – eating.

AMELIORATION: In the open air.


Phosphorus – Late stages with DEBILITY

Good humor. Symptoms move to the chest. Debility following the flu. Thirsty for COLD drinks, icey drinks and carbonated drinks. Dry barking cough.

AGGRAVATION: Lying on painful side, left side, on back. emotions, talking, touch, odours, light. cold, open air. Salt. Sexual excess. Loss of fluids, sudden change in weather, windy, cold, thunderstorms, lightning. Mental fatigue. Twilight.

AMELIORATION: Eating. Sleep. Cold, food, water, washing face with cold water. Rubbing, magnetic. Sitting. Dark.



Pulsatilla pratensis – Early stages with – THIRSTLESSNESS


Absence of thirst or thirstlessness with nearly all complaints. Dryness of the mouth. Feverish at 6:00 PM. repugnance to food. Needy.

AGGRAVATION: In a warm, closed room, towards evening, from warm things.

AMELIORATION: In the open air, from cold air or cold things, from lying on the painful side, from cold air or cool room, and from cold application.


Rhus toxicodendron – All stages with RESTLESSNESS

Flu’s with severe aching in the bones. Cough is worse evenings and is provoked a tickling behind the upper part of the sternum. Flu comes on after exposure to damp. Aching pains, night restlessness.

AGGRAVATION: During rest, when entering the room from the open air, from getting wet, especially while perspiring, during the night, after midnight, before storms, on beginning to move after quiet, and in wet, rainy, weather.

AMELIORATION: From continued motion, from walking, from change of position, from lying on something hard, from warmth, in dry air, and from warm or hot things, from wrapping up, and from moving the affected parts.

Veratrum album – Late stages with COLLAPSE

Complete prostration & collapsed states. Cold perspiration on the forehead with nearly all complaints. Intense and unquenchable thirst for large quantities of very cold water and acidic drinks. Frequent diarrhea, watery, gushing. Excessive Vomiting with nausea and collapse.

AGGRAVATION: From least motion, after drinking, before and during menses, during and after stool, when perspiring, after fright, from exertion, and during pain.

AMELIORATION: By pressure on the vertex (headache), from stimulants, and from walking about.

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