Bowen works on Knees

Bowen works on Knees

My husband complained of back pain for a number of years before he found the fix he was looking for in Bowen.  My spouse was not the only person I had heard praising the therapy for back problems, but I did not know until I tried it for myself that Bowen is also very effective for knee pain.

I suffered an injury to my right knee playing tennis last year, and assumed that the pain would go away as my body healed itself.  I was wrong; the pain lingered for months, and showed no signs of going away.  I live in Abu Dhabi and we do not have Bowen here, so I tried acupuncture, which briefly helped but then the discomfort returned.

When we went back to Vancouver for holidays, I made an appointment for a set of three Bowen sessions.  After the first visit, the pain was gone.  After the second, I was told that I did not need the third session at all, but was welcome to pass it on to my husband as a maintenance visit for his back.

More than six months later, my right knee is still a happy piece of my anatomy.  I am a Bowen Believer.

Julie Ross, Abu Dhabi