Care from a Distance

Care from a Distance

Jonathan Damonte has been my personal homeopath for more years than I can remember. Most of our consultations have been over the phone due to geographical distance. I live in Ontario, Jonathon resides in British Columbia.

Jonathan has been through all my major and minor pathologies, including:

 A burst bowel, with 2 hours to live, Jonathan was prescribing the correct remedies to my husband who had to sneak up the stairs to my hospital room to dispense to me. This involved extensive and supportive follow ups

 Hemochromatosis, over production of iron in the liver, the urologist was insisting on a liver transplant. I had ‘until he found me a liver’ to reverse the very escalated numbers. Within 20 minutes of prescribing the correct remedy I was on my way to recovery. This involved extensive and supportive follow ups.

 Burst aneurysm in the brain, with Jonathan’s assistance, the doctors declared that I was a miracle patient as the size and shape of the aneurysm there was no way I should have lived. My recover y involved extensive and supportive follow ups

All of this over the phone.

Jonathan has always been very available to me over the phone, through the day and into the evening.

Jonathan is a very committed to patient care, a well educated and experienced Homeopath. 

I am very blessed to have him as my main care giver for my health.

Lisa Rice, Classical Homeopath, RNC, Bowen Therapist