Migraines are no more

Migraines are no more

I had been experiencing 24-hr-a-day headaches for about a year and a half. Most were mild and many were severe.  My headaches were diagnosed as migraines after an MRI and confirmed by a neurologist.  I pursued various strategies – local injections, acupuncture, numerous medications – all to little avail.

Although I was able to function for the most part, I was aware of the pain every minute of the day and so was unable to enjoy a normal life.  Our family GP was diligent, supportive, and did everything possible to help, including multiple referrals to specialists. Still, the constant search for relief and the many trips to doctors’ offices was time consuming, taxing, and demoralizing.

I felt immediate relief after my very first session and have not had a migraine recurrence in over a month.  I no longer take any medications for pain relief. Having been on one form of drug or another for such a long period of time, this benefit is of particular importance to me.

I was initially concerned with headaches but have benefited in other ways as well.  Care was taken to assess and consider the overall health issues that might have been impacted by my childhood polio and the resultant imbalance to the right side of my body.  The four Bowen treatments I have had to date have not only given me migraine relief but have addressed sciatic pain and shoulder/neck pain as well.

I would definitely recommend giving this treatment method a try.  The manipulations are very gentle, and in my case, the pain relief immediate.  As a treatment option, it is no more expensive that other methods, including prescription drugs, and with no side-effects.

I appreciated that the underlying issues that may have contributed to the headaches were considered first, as opposed to treating the symptoms only.  I never felt forced to take more treatments – quite the opposite in fact.

LD – Salt Spring Island