Be Well Now on Salt Spring Island

Jonathan Damonte
Homeopath & Bowen Therapist

ssi_jd-at-work After practicing in Vancouver and White Rock for the past 13 years I have relocated to Salt Spring Island with my family and our youngest child who is still pre-school age. Here, I will continue to practice Bowen Therapy along with a renewed focus and time for the homeopathic aspect of my practice. I hope that my clients from the mainland learn that excellent care is only a phone call away. Siân Rackham will continue at the Vancouver & White Rock locations to provide Bowen Therapy. We communicate regularly about clients and if you haven’t met her please do as she is an amazing Bowen Therapist.

I will continue to teach Bowen Therapy and Homeopathy through The Bowen Teaching College and I have exciting plans to offer a wider range of subjects and lesson options.

bewellnow_saltspringBowen Therapy and Homeopathy locally at 150 Drake Rd.
Homeopathy by phone or video for remote clients.

Phone: 604-837-6937
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Any outstanding Gift Certificates or packages of treatments will be honoured at any of the Be Well Now clinics.

Jonathan’s bio

ssi_officeJonathan Damonte opened the first Be Well Now centre in Toronto in 2001 and the Bowen Therapy Clinics chain in 2008. He is the founder of Bowen Therapy College also in 2008, an accredited member of The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and a Certified Classical Homeopath as per the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) since 1998. Damonte is a founding member of the Canadian Council for Homeopathic Certification and was the founder of the Bowen Canada Registry in 2001. Also, was key to the formation of the first Canadian Equine Bowen Instruction School, Equi-Bow™ Canada.

He first learned Bowen Therapy from Ossie Rentsch and has now created an online training system for Bowen Therapy called Bowen-Online. His is the only college in the world endorsed by the family of Tom Bowen, who developed the therapy named after him.

He currently teaches Bowen Therapy across Canada & the US as well as maintaining a busy practice with locations in both Vancouver and White Rock, British Columbia. He is active in many volunteer roles related to both his profession and with his favourite cause, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). He remains instrumental in the growth and success of Bowen Therapy in Canada. His practice provides a rich source of experience to bring to his enthusiastic and encouraging teaching methods.


Most clients come at the time of a health crisis and it is in that moment that Damonte shines brightest. His clients high praise comes from the many referrals he receives from them. Notable to his practice is his ability to target the real issues in a persons health concern. His caring and compassion are clearly evident when he speaks and the pragmatic approach to the health and progress to health of each person he works with is refreshing in the world of healthcare. Damonte treats many patients suffering from chronic pain and multi-symptomed diseases with an approach that utilizes Bowen Therapy for almost all of his patients’ structural and postural problems, followed by homeopathy and if necessary or applicable a dietary and nutritional approach to their disease. He assesses a patients’ needs for these through in-depth assessments.

His father John Damonte was a renowned British Homeopath and is credited with the current resurgence of homeopathy in Britain. Damonte’s background in Homeopathy and Orthomolecular Medicine led him to study and practice Bowen Therapy with The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, he holds a diploma from the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine. He has also studied with the Bombay School of Homeopathy, Massimo Mangiolavori, The New England School of Homeopathic Medicine, amongst others.